Sunday, October 20, 2013

It was such a frustrating, tiring few days. But today, thank God, it was wonderfully okay. I ate well, worked , and came home early (11.30pm is considered early in my schedule) and I had a meal at home.

I'm not mad at anyone about all this workload. I am just pissed that  I feel  as if " it's all on me". It's not. In fact, the other people in your office are swamped with work as well.
I cannot help to recall another colleague who had back-to-back outstation assignments in KL, then Kelantan and some other place in a span of a month.

One of my bosses hasn't gone back to the east coast to see his family in a month.

At least I met him the other day. It was an extra short trip, but I knew I had to see him during that small window of opportunity. I'm glad I did because after this, I'll be outstation for this assignment for the next 2 weeks.

Yes, I did think about giving up altogether. Just leave. It sounds easy in my head. But in reality, I dunno.

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munchkin inkhartoum said...

Yes.. thinking of leaving is easy.. but doing it is another..

I think of giving up every now and then too... ;)

Blog more please. Miss your ramblings.. :)