Thursday, December 19, 2013

So many emotions have been going through me lately. So much confusion. One particular sinful incident was wrecking my heart and mind for days. And this incident could just end my relationship forever. The only saving grace, if it could be regarded that way is that it was with a prostitute. It was a one off thing. And this happened a couple of weeks ago. I still met my beloved and we did everything and did everything just like everything is normal.

I may be heading to the end of my relationship, or maybe not.

I am still torn on whether I want to continue with this job or move on to someone else, and it is so sad and pathetic if my relationship has to suffer because of my decision. What do I make out of all this? I am a fucking idiot, I know. But if I have to live something as close to a seemingly worthwhile life, I.....

Ahh fuck all this

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