Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy 10th Year Anniversary, Ramblinging

It has not been easy. In fact, there was a time I was considering shutting down this blog. I paid a price for full disclosure. I did. I had to pay for it dearly, as my friendship suffered. And I had also risked my job and identity. I've learned to be more discreet and to guard my privacy and my integrity. It's been a long journey.  I used to be more transparent about my online persona, but now I am not the same person.

But then the years passed. The days went by. I learned I cannot reveal too much about myself because essentially, I am not that type of person. I know many people out there are forthcoming about their feelings and they have no problems expressing their thoughts in real life. But I have difficulty expressing things verbally, in conversations (unless if it's on stage, because I've acted in theatre before. Oh, the irony). I think I express myself better in writing, but with this is a blog, and things are written in black and white. And such things can be used against me.

Heck, even blogging ain't what it used to be. Nowadays, people tweet words. Short and sweet. For short and sweet attention spans (I am guilty of that too). But it is nice to see this blog through the years.
Though I have been lagging behind in my blogging (I have yet to publish my year-end music best-of list for last year!), I will make it a point to stare and ogle at this blog for its superficial value. Not!

In the past 10 years, I've started and never finished a novella/short story about some dude who is seemingly bisexual and apparently works in the communications line.
But in my mind, Jake looks more like the singer Gavin Degraw circa 2004. I dunno man, watching DeGraw in "I Don't Wanna Be" inspired me to write that Jake character, even though the name of Jake is inspired by that damn TV show from the past, Jake and the Fatman. Yes, that TV character was also a looker.

My most favourite part of my blog is the year-end music countdown. I love writing it. Unfortunately, nowadays I prefer to write about each "best-of-the-year" song individually, on social media. Of course, the year end list gets indulgent most times, but well, it's my blog, bro.

But of course the best parts of the blog are the ones that received (any form of) reaction from readers. What is a piece of literature if it is not read?  I know a few people read about my Hari Yang Gila. Yes, I had to revise that entry to take out a lot of references to people in real life. Also, there were many entries which featured my hedonistic tendencies. Thank you, anonymous for advice on how I should get my act together. The biggest regret in this blog was of course, related to one of my best friends. No apology could make things right. I just hope we can move on with our lives, and be the best persons that we deserve to be. I must say again that it is a big risk for me to continue this blog, but I decided to do so for a certain reason, so I hope all of you will accept that.

For better, or for worse. In sickness and in health, or amidst insanity or crystal clear clarity, I wish Ramblinging a very happy 10th year.

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