Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Am I a good person? Depends on who you talk to. Many people will tell me that I'm sweet and lovable. Some say I am a good person and I deserve good things. There are a couple of people who think I am just bogus, devoid of emotions and incompetent at work. But, yeah, I can't be perfect.

The fact it, I don't have much of "me" nowadays. I kinda lost my way. I haven't worked out in a long time. I don't have time for myself. I work late and go back home all tired out. And even when I'm off or on holiday, I make myself bogged down by work.

Not much of a life, eh. But one of those people who say I am full of shit will tell you his life is worse than mine.

Yes, I should be thankful for everything I have. You must say your prayers. Let those gratitude go out into the universe. But I cannot help feel selfish sometimes.

Well, this is the part where I psyche myself up. Strive to improve. That's all I have: a life which I can improve upon. Live it and learn and change and adapt. And enjoy your life. Enjoy your time with family and friends and colleagues. They do make your life richer. And if you have someone you love, and they love you back, then consider yourself very lucky.

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