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Born in August, almost 55 years ago, Madonna Louse Veronica Ciconne was born in a large family of an engineer dad, and homemaker mum.

After high school and starting out in college, she moved to NYC to set out a life for herself. She soon worked her way to dance school and bands. In 1983, she released her first album. The pop world welcomed a newcomer.

Her songs have been varied, and evolving through the years. The changes equivalent to her ever changing image to keep up with the current waves of pop music.
But alas, after more than 3 decades of making music, she is still searching for her next hit.

OK, with that said, let's try to pick a handful of songs to encapsulate her career so far. Why? Because it was three decades ago that her debut self-titled "Madonna" album was released. So here is an excerpt of a highly publicised, lucrative and controversial career:


It was alll about the club scene in New York City in the late 70s and early 80s. And Madonna was the scene's biggest wannabe. She befriended visual artists and even grafitti artists, and had her own nickname to graffiti (you guessed it, her nickname was boytoy). But this song was a an appealing crossover with high pitch squeeky voice.


In 1987, Madonna was one of the biggest stars on earth, and her album True Blue not only marked her hugeness, it also marked her recent romance and eventual marriage to Sean Penn. The album was kind of like Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" album of 1987,: full of hits inspired by love, and packaged in Grade A pop.


The album where this track is taken from, Like A Prayer was not only one of her most personal, it also marked her deteriorating marriage from Sean Penn (listen to 'Till Death Do Us Part). Her soul searching amidst domestic conflict may have made her dig deep into her past, and confronted her death of her mother at a young age. The results were a revelation: There were most memorable sing-along like the album's  title track and Express Yourself, and great ballads like Oh Father and Spanish Eyes. Keep It Together was the second last track on the disc, and it portrayed her inner struggles of seeking attention in a big family, and how she realises that "Love is thicker than any other circumstance."


Miss M was dating actor Warren Beatty when she starred in the latter's movie, Dick Tracy. So of course her role in it had to be as plump as her bussoms. The best part of the experience, was that she recorded a whole album inspired by her Dick Tracy role, which gave birth to the song "Vogue". So thank you Warren Beatty for that, I guess. At least she didn''t write something in the veins of "You're So Vain."...Oh yeah, by the way, Sooner or Later was written by Stephen Sondheim and won the Oscar for best original song of 1990.


OK, if True Blue was a song about blissfully being in love with Sean Penn, then Beautiful Stranger was most likely about her first encounter with Guy Ritchie, who she eventually married in 2000. Seriously, do you think she is singing about Austin Powers, (or even Rupert Everett) in this song?


OK, obviously this has become a "Rarities list" for Madonna songs. Oh well, This song is on her Music album of 2000. It is about well, a man, but  also about the many men, and experiences she had to endure to finally meet with her jodoh.  She did describe Guy Ritchie as her soulmate, during one interview.

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