Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hello, I am Ramblinging.

The amount of work I output is not equal to the effort that I put into the work. And that's weird.
and it's tiring.
so why seksa diri for only a certain amount of work that other people can see. This is 2015. In the working world, your bosses/client/stakeholder want to see results fast. They want to see that you're doing work.

ah, possibly I don't show off that I'm working hard. All this behind the scenes bullshit is great for saints or mother Theresa. But it ain't gonna work in the corporate world.

ok, besides work, my life is just non-existent. Which is bad, I know.
but at least I found a 24 hour gym nearby. I went there one night and I was yawning and yawning for being so fatigued. I went there around midnight and there weren't that many people. And some dude offered to help me out with one of the machines. Oh the machines! The equipment were a wee bit different from those I am used to.
So I guess I would be needing more help the next time I go to the gym.


Anonymous said...

Gym.. ahem ahem. Cuci mata.... untong laaaaa...... :)

And yes, I love your rambles. Woohoo..

Hayden Ahmad said...

hahahahaha....thanks for reading