Saturday, July 25, 2015

When the brain is not working. Then it's time to ramble on Ramblinging. Much like athletes warm up before they train or play sports, then a writer must warm up with writing rubbish. Reading is the food that acts as the fuel to the brain, but free writing is the warm up.

Ok. What a wonderful world. It pains me to see that life is so damn beautiful, hectic, mad, maddening, insane, exciting, nerve-wrecking and scary all at once. But it is disheartening that I am practically left out of most of it, because of, me.
Oh, woe is me Ramblingining circa 2015. As was Ramblinging circa 2004, or circa 2007 or pre-Ramblinging eras (PR, cool acronym no? Makes me feel like wearing a suit and tie and working in the hotel line).

Oh, well. At 35, I can tell you that's just me being typically, me. What else is new? The only new thing in my life is that I am back at a job position that I assumed two years ago. The political scene and everything else is so different. So we gotta approach it in a different way, no?
It's amazing how much crap I can write, when in real life, I am just a bum who loves to drive around while listening to grunge songs from the 90s and smoke all night in my car.

Oh yeah, two colleagues left the workplace thread since yesterday, and it is sad , sad, sad. So sad. Emotions aside, it cannot be helped because hello, people go where they want to go. It has everything to do with salary, ambition, or just plain "I want a change" kinda thing.

I finally met up with a friend that day. Thank God. I rarely engage in social situations anymore, prefering the comfortable routine of working on my desk and going home to sleep every night. I have friends all around, but I'll be damn if I have the guts to actually CALL them. My God, that will be the end of the world if I do that.

See, no wonder my life is pathethic (please bear with me, it's my blog after all). I prefer to live in my own world, oblivious to whatever the hell is happening out there. And there are a whole lotta things happening out there. It's amazing and exciting and scary and depressing and colourful and sad all at once. That's life! as my Poetry in English lecturer always said.

Damn, dreams. Yes, everyone has them. And yes, they are at the  back of one's head all the time. But the excitement comes and goes. If we are brave enough (cringe, this is where Ramblinging says positive, self-assuring things in a politically correct way), we can achieve them. Cheesy, I know. But it's true. Persistence! Hard work! And keeping at it! Instead of just quiting learning the piano when the teacher asked your friend, "Eh, is he interested in learning, ah?" And having your friend defend you by saying "Well, the fact that he's here getting piano lessons from you means that he IS interested to learn it."
And mind you, it was just a conversation between piano teacher and a hot girl which was obviously the guy trying to "jual minyak". It was not about me. Cue the scene when Robin Williams' character tells Matt Damon's character that it was not the latter's fault that he got abused and shit in that foster home, in which Williams' character said : "It's not your fault."

So, my advice, Ramblinging is, just get over it. You're getting old, and yes, you may be more "te-rasa" nowadays- typical of older people. So get used to it, but hey, you're young enough still to move on, lick your wounds and focus on something else. Life is short. God knows what's gonna happen tomorrow, or within the next two hours. So if I do go, or get into some situation, I hope I leave behind a legacy of rubbish writings that will leave people entertained.

Damn, that Nicole Kidman can act, lah! Sorry, some movie is playing on Fox movies in the next room.

OK, this pic is not Kidman, but just a pathetic attempt to throw your attention off.

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